Over the last 10 years Nick & Sarah Suarez have worked at some of NYC’s best restaurants, including Diner, Marlow & Sons, Romans, Franny’s, Gramercy Tavern and The Modern. We also operated a catering company for the last two years, Backyard Cooking Company. We fell in love with Germantown and decided to open our first restaurant together in this tight-knit community with a vibrant Main Street full of owner-operated businesses.

Gaskins is a gathering place for the community and an extension of our home (literally, as we live upstairs). The food we serve uses exceptional ingredients from nearby farms, but just as importantly, is nourishing and satisfying. We look forward to inviting our neighbors over for dinner for many years to come. We’ve chosen a life as chef and host, so we can do what we love: feed and take care of people.


Becky Johnson

Lars Karlsson

Mikael Kennedy